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Handle Mops

Easy Scrub Express Microfiber Flat Mop Tool

Save cleaning time by up to 50%. Easily change chemicals and cleaning products with mop tool and interchangeable bottles—no need for a separate mop and bucket. Clean and scrub up to three times faster than other flat mops, with drag time up to 10 times less. Lightweight aluminum handle adjusts to varying heights for maximum comfort and control. Interchangeable bottles (sold separately) fit into handle to deliver accurate dispensing of cleaning soution to work area, reducing chemical waste by up to 80%. Includes pad holder for 18" Easy Scrub Flat Mop (MCO 59250, sold separately). High-gloss green.

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MCO 59051N/A1/CS$92.38Add To Cart 

Handle/Deck Mops

Traditional deck mops with permanent wooden handles. White economy four-ply yarn. 6 mops per pack.

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UNS 112C12-oz. Mop Head6/PK$40.00Add To Cart 
UNS 116C16-oz. Mop Head6/PK$44.97Add To Cart 
UNS 116R16-oz. Mop Head6/PK$52.52Add To Cart 
UNS 120C20-oz. Mop Head6/PK$59.99Add To Cart 
UNS 124C24-oz. Mop Head6/PK$68.22Add To Cart 
UNS 132C32-oz. Mop Head6/PK$84.92Add To Cart 

Janitor Style Screw Clamp Handle

Wide-opening plastic head with roller adjustment knob. Fiberglass, safety orange. Fits most mop heads.

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IMP 9464" Length12/CS$23.65Add To Cart 

ReadyMop® Refill

Ready to use; requires no mixing. Dissolves dirt and grease quickly, leaving a fresh scent. Ideal for tile, vinyl, linoleum, laminate, finished and sealed wood floors. Use with ReadyMop™ CLO 14903 mopping system (sold separately).

MSDS Sheet
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CLO 1490224-oz. Bottle12/24 OZ$67.82Add To Cart 

ReadyMop® Starter Kit

• All-in-one system is easy to use— no bucket, no water, no mess • Specially formulated advanced floor cleaner is safe on finished and laminate wood floors • Get sparkling floors in half the time Trigger controls the amount of cleaner used. Disposable, hygienic cleaning pad eliminates dirty liquid from your floor. Requires no rinsing and dries fast. Swivel head provides maneuverability. Each kit includes one mop, one 24-oz. Advanced Floor Cleaner and eight absorbent cleaning pads. Refill Cleaner CLO 14902 sold separately. 4 kits per case.

MSDS Sheet
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CLO 14903N/A4/CS$97.18Add To Cart 

Steel Roller Sponge Mop

12" wide cellulose sponge. Front pull lever for mop wringing. Bronze-tone handle with yellow sponge.

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RCP 6435 BRON/A6/CTN$44.37Add To Cart 
RCP 6436 YELN/A12/CTN$19.66Add To Cart