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Floor Dusters & Accessories

Swiffer Dust & Shine furniture polish has a wax-free formula that cleans and conditions the many surfaces in your home. It’s a perfect furniture polish for cleaning wood furniture like chairs, end tables, and bookcases and a variety of other surfaces like

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3M™ Doodleduster Cloth and Holder

3M™ Doodleduster Cloth and Holder, Doodleduster Holder, Rugged, yet lightweight holder for Doodleduster cloths (sold separately). Flexible swivel and low profile enhance maneuverability. Clips for easy cloth attachment and removal.

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MCO 1915025 x 31-5/16 x 31/CS$77.61Add To Cart 
MCO 1915138 x 31-5/16 x 31/CS$100.15Add To Cart 
MCO 19152N/A1 RL/CS$121.15Add To Cart 

3M™ Easy Trap Duster Cloth

Disposable duster sheet holds six times more dust, dirt, sand and hair than traditional mops or other disposable systems. Nonwoven, three-dimensional, two-sided sheet with coated fibers. Use for hand dusting or with 3M™ Easy II Holder MCO 55935 Series (sold separately) for use on floors and hard-to-reach areas. 250 perforated sheets per roll.

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MCO 55655N/A2 RL/CS$131.01Add To Cart 

3M™ Easy Trap II Holder

Lightweight holder for use with 3M™ Easy Trap Duster Cloth MCO 55655 and MCO 55654 (sold separately). Use both sides of dusting cloth without touching it. Hook and loop material holds duster cloth. 3-1/2 x 1-5/8 head size.

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MCO 5593635" Length4/CS$72.10Add To Cart 
MCO 5593747" Length4/CS$77.98Add To Cart 

Blue Dust Head

Four-ply cotton/synthetic blend, looped end. Backing ends and stress points reinforced for durability. Slot top/clip-on closure. Washable. (Handle/frame sold separately.)

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UNS 111818 x 6-1/212/CS$15.58Add To Cart 
UNS 112424 x 6-1/212/CS$18.04Add To Cart 
UNS 113636 x 6-1/212/CS$22.71Add To Cart 

Clip-On Dust Mop Frames

Zinc-plated, rust-resistant 1/4" wire with rounded ends. Accepts Clip-On Handle UNS 1490 (sold separately).

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UNS 121818 x 3-1/425/CS$5.81Add To Cart 
UNS 122424 x 3-1/412/CS$6.50Add To Cart 
UNS 123636 x 3-1/425/CS$8.24Add To Cart 
UNS 124848 x 3-1/425/CS$12.70Add To Cart 
UNS 141818 x 512/CS$6.01Add To Cart 
UNS 142424 x 512/CS$6.72Add To Cart 
UNS 143636 x 512/CS$8.53Add To Cart 
UNS 144848 x 512/CS$13.09Add To Cart 
UNS 146060 x 512/CS$15.31Add To Cart 

Clip-On Dust Mop Handle

Snaps onto the Clip-On Frame (sold separately) from a standing position. 12-gauge zinc-plated steel hardware. 180° swivel head with sliding nylon lock. 15/16 diameter x 60 double-lacquered wood handle.

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UNS 1490N/A12/CS$15.73Add To Cart 

Disposable Dust Heads

Four-ply cotton/synthetic blend pretreated yarns. Open synthetic backing with ties. Sewn center fringe for added coverage. (Handle/frame sold separately.)

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UNS 162424 x 512/CS$8.22Add To Cart 
UNS 163636 x 512/CS$10.78Add To Cart 
UNS 164848 x 512/CS$14.01Add To Cart 

Handle/Deck Mops

Traditional deck mops with permanent wooden handles. White economy four-ply yarn. 6 mops per pack.

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UNS 112C12-oz. Mop Head6/PK$40.00Add To Cart 
UNS 116C16-oz. Mop Head6/PK$44.97Add To Cart 
UNS 116R16-oz. Mop Head6/PK$52.52Add To Cart 
UNS 120C20-oz. Mop Head6/PK$59.99Add To Cart 
UNS 124C24-oz. Mop Head6/PK$68.22Add To Cart 
UNS 132C32-oz. Mop Head6/PK$84.92Add To Cart 

Industrial Dust Heads

High-grade four-ply cotton, cut-end. Launder in mesh bag. Keyhole style, half-tie white synthetic backing dries fast. (Handle/frame sold separately.)

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UNS 101818 x 312/CS$9.64Add To Cart 
UNS 102424 x 312/CS$12.02Add To Cart 
UNS 103636 x 312/CS$16.20Add To Cart 
UNS 104848 x 312/CS$21.81Add To Cart 
UNS 131212 x 512/CS$9.17Add To Cart 
UNS 131818 x 512/CS$10.34Add To Cart 
UNS 132424 x 512/CS$12.94Add To Cart 
UNS 133636 x 512/CS$17.57Add To Cart 
UNS 134848 x 512/CS$23.82Add To Cart 
UNS 136060 x 512/CS$31.37Add To Cart 

Swiffer® Sweeper Dry Refill Cloths

Soft, dry, disposable cloths create an electrostatic charge that attracts dust, dirt, common allergens and hair. Acts like a dust magnet. Entangled microfibers trap and hold dirt in place. Use for hand dusting or with the sweeper head for use on floors or hard-to-reach areas. Safe for use on wood, ceramic and vinyl tile, electronics and other hard surfaces. Leaves no residue.

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PGC 33407N/A6/32 CT$93.77Add To Cart 
PGC 37109N/A6/16'S$104.53Add To Cart 

Swiffer® Sweeper Wet Refill Cloths

For use with PGC 09060 (sold separately). Disposable wet cloths are pre-soaked with an advanced cleaning solution that dissolves tough spots, dirt and grime, revealing the natural shine of your floor. Special scrubbing strip for tougher tasks. Can be used on all waxable and non-waxable linoleum, vinyl, ceramic and finished wood floors. Not for use on unfinished, oiled, waxed wooden boards, non-sealed tiles or carpeted floors. Open Window Fresh™ scent. 10" wide. 12 refill cloths per box; 12 boxes per case.

MSDS Sheet
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PGC 35154N/A12/12'S$94.90Add To Cart 

Swiffer® Sweepers

Sweep floors with dry cloths to remove dirt, dust and hair. Clean tough soils and dried messes with wet cloths.

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PGC 09060N/A3/CS$63.33Add To Cart 
PGC 37108N/A3/CS$95.78Add To Cart 

Trapper® Looped-End Dust Mops

Ideal for health care applications and for general-purpose dust mopping. Durable cotton blend yellow yarn. Looped-end design traps more dust and won’t fray, unravel or lint. Pretreated, preshrunk, launderable. Made with recycled fibers. Envelope style backing. (Handle/frame sold separately.)

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RCP J15218 x 512/CS$22.61Add To Cart 
RCP J15324 x 53/CS$24.71Add To Cart 
RCP J15536 x 53/CS$33.21Add To Cart 
RCP J15748 x 53/CS$43.21Add To Cart 

Wedge Dust Head

For hard-to-reach overhead areas and corners. Cut-end white cotton yarn. Fits wedge frame/handle UNS 1492 (sold separately).

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UNS 1491N/A12/CS$5.90Add To Cart 

Wedge Dust Head Frame/Handle

Wire frame and plastic threaded 15/16 diameter x 48 wood handle. Fits dust head UNS 1491 (sold separately).

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UNS 1492N/A12/CS$6.67Add To Cart