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Steel Wool Pads

Radial Steel Wool Floor Pads

Ideal for stripping a tough, dirty, paste-wax buildup or buffing a beautiful parquet floor to a brilliant luster. Reversible pad can be used over and over for cleaning, dry scrubbing, polishing or finishing almost any type of floor. 12 pads per case.

MSDS Sheet
No.TypeQty./UnitList Price 
GMT 12017017" Diameter12/CS$125.49Add To Cart 
GMT 12017117" Diameter12/CS$125.49Add To Cart 
GMT 12017217" Diameter12/CS$125.49Add To Cart 
GMT 12018018" Diameter12/CS$137.44Add To Cart 
GMT 12018118" Diameter12/CS$137.44Add To Cart 
GMT 12018218" Diameter12/CS$137.44Add To Cart 
GMT 12019019" Diameter12/CS$148.05Add To Cart 
GMT 12019119" Diameter12/CS$148.05Add To Cart 
GMT 12019219" Diameter12/CS$148.05Add To Cart 
GMT 12020020" Diameter12/CS$156.44Add To Cart 
GMT 12020120" Diameter12/CS$156.44Add To Cart 
GMT 12020220" Diameter12/CS$156.44Add To Cart