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Carpet Bonnets

Rotary Yarn Bonnets

Low-profile bonnet provides improved operator control on rotary floor machines from 175-300 RPM. Effectively pulls dirt and soil out of carpets.

No.TypeQty./UnitList Price 
UNS R1717" Diameter5/CS$32.69Add To Cart 
UNS R1919" Diameter5/CS$34.91Add To Cart 
UNS R2121" Diameter5/CS$37.14Add To Cart 

Rotary Yarn Bonnets with Scrub Strips

Use with any standard rotary floor machine. Low-profile bonnet with scrub strips adds additional scrubbing action for improved carpet cleaning performance.

No.TypeQty./UnitList Price 
RCP P26717" Diameter5/CS$33.21Add To Cart 
RCP P26919" Diameter5/CS$35.61Add To Cart 
RCP P27121" Diameter5/CS$38.79Add To Cart