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Bags, Belts & Filters

Disposable Micro-Filtration Bags

Disposable Micro-Filtration Bags, For Use with Hoover Vacuums, HOO C2094 (sold separately).

No.TypeQty./UnitList Price 
HOO 4010038N5 Bags per PackPK$4.98Add To Cart 
HOO 4010100A3 Bags per PackPK$10.82Add To Cart 
HOO KE2103-0001 Bags per PackEA$1.80Add To Cart 

Disposable Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Disposable Vacuum Cleaner Bags, For Use with Eureka Vacuums, EUR 888, EUR 1934 (sold separately).

No.TypeQty./UnitList Price 
EUR 52320-63 Bags per Pack6/3'S$23.66Add To Cart 
EUR 60295-63 Bags per Pack6/3'S$29.80Add To Cart 
EUR 61125-123 Bags per Pack12/3'S$67.47Add To Cart 
EUR 61820-63 Bags per Pack6/3'S$57.60Add To Cart 
EUR 62370-1010 Bags per Pack10/CS$142.52Add To Cart 
EUR 63213-105 Bags per Pack10/CS$185.05Add To Cart 
EUR 63262-105 Bags per Pack10/CS$91.00Add To Cart 
EUR 63881-105 Bags per Pack10CS$181.72Add To Cart 
RCP 9VBPBA061 Bag per Pack1/CTN$37.83Add To Cart 
RCP 9VBPHP066 Bags per Pack6/CS$87.44Add To Cart 
RCP 9VBPPB0610 Bags per Pack10/10'S$44.03Add To Cart 
RCP 9VCVBA128 Bag per Pack1/CTN$71.30Add To Cart 
RCP 9VCVPB1210 Bag per Pack10/CS$37.83Add To Cart 
RCP 9VMHBA1210 Bags per Pack10/10'S$38.43Add To Cart 
RCP 9VULBC121 Bag per Pack4/CTN$93.00Add To Cart 
RCP 9VULPB1210 Bags per Pack10/10'S$33.17Add To Cart 

Replacement Bags for High-Security Housekeeping Carts

For use with RCP 9T78, RCP 9T76 and RCP 9T77. 2 bags per pack.

No.TypeQty./UnitList Price 
RCP 9T81 BLAN/A2/CTN$81.53Add To Cart 

Replacement Filters for Vacuums

Janitized® is designed for the cleaning professional who demands competitively priced vacuum bags and/or filters without sacrificing performance. Janitized® products are designed to meet or exceed OEM standards.

No.TypeQty./UnitList Price 
APC IVF15525 Pieces per Case25/CS$367.50Add To Cart 
APC JAN-CXBP-210 Filters per Case10/10'S$138.50Add To Cart 
APC JAN-CXLT-210 Filters per Case10/10'S$136.74Add To Cart 
APC JAN-KACV30-210 Filters per Case10/10'S$160.50Add To Cart 
APC JAN-NFBACK-210 Filters per Case10/10'S$160.50Add To Cart 
APC JAN-NFCPTW16-210 Filters per Case10/10'S$174.00Add To Cart 
APC JAN-NFCPTW-210 Filters per Case10/10'S$130.50Add To Cart 
APC JAN-NSSM14-210 Filters per Case10/10'S$128.20Add To Cart 
APC JAN-PTMV-210 Filters per Case10/10'S$137.90Add To Cart 
APC JAN-WISEN-310 Filters per Case10/10'S$166.20Add To Cart 
APC JAN-WIVER-310 Filters per Case10/10'S$124.50Add To Cart 
RCP 9VBPEF061 Filter per Pack1/CTN$17.98Add To Cart 
RCP 9VMHEF121 Filter per Pack10/CTN$15.20Add To Cart 
RCP 9VMHHP1 Filter per Kit6/CTN$113.15Add To Cart 
RCP 9VMHMF1210 Filters per Pack10/CTN$39.07Add To Cart 
RCP 9VPHEF122 Filter per Pack10/CTN$18.24Add To Cart 
RCP 9VWDFF1250 Filters per Case50/CS$480.00Add To Cart 
RCP 9VWDPF122 Filters per Pack5/2'S$62.31Add To Cart 

Triple-Capacity Cleaning Cart, Recycling Bags

Compact footprint—only 22" wide for easy mobility inside tight spaces. Superior tool organization: innovative rubber tool grips hold mop and broom handles at any position (up to 1-1/8" diameter) and includes holders for lobby dust pan and commercial upright vacuum. Comfort Grip cart handle provides easy maneuverability. 8" wheels and 4" quiet casters are ideal for noise-sensitive environments. Nonrusting, easy-to-clean aluminum and structural web plastic construction. Use with high-capacity bags (sold separately) to provide multi-stream waste sortation for efficient, cost-effective recycling. 22w x 51-3/4d x 44h. Shpg. wt. 40.5 lbs.

No.TypeQty./UnitList Price 
RCP 9T92Black1/CTN$386.31Add To Cart 
RCP 9T93-01N/A1/CTN$244.13Add To Cart 

Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Belt

Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Belt, 2 Belts per Pack

No.TypeQty./UnitList Price 
EUR 521002 Belts per Pack2/PK$4.46Add To Cart 
EUR 611202 Bags per Pack2/PK$5.17Add To Cart 
EUR 611211 Belt per PackEA$4.36Add To Cart 
RCP 9VCVBE126 Belts per Pack10/6'S$27.60Add To Cart 
RCP 9VMHBE126 Belts per Pack6/PK$52.39Add To Cart 
RCP 9VMHBL121 Belts per Pack6/PK$64.00Add To Cart 
RCP 9VPHBE126 Belts per Pack6/6'S$63.24Add To Cart 
RCP 9VULBE126 Belts per Pack10/6'S$18.60Add To Cart 

Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Belts

Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Belts, For Use with Hoover Vacuums, HOO 1703 (sold separately).

No.TypeQty./UnitList Price 
HOO 402011602 Belts per PackPK$4.33Add To Cart 
HOO 402011802 Belts per PackPK$3.22Add To Cart 
HOO 402011902 Belts per PackPK$4.32Add To Cart