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Air Movers

Air Mover

Efficient, high-quality air mover dries carpet and floors three times faster. The 1/2 HP, 115v motor offers three speeds and three angles to allow air flow in any direction. 2400 CFM. Specially designed high-density polyethylene housing for easy, durable handling. Stacks for convenient storage. Highly durable 10" galvanized steel fan wheel. 20-ft. power cord. Manufacturer’s 10-year warranty on the chassis. Shpg. wt. 36 lbs.

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EAG 1150N/A1/CTN$354.24Add To Cart 

Replacement Filters for Vacuums

Janitized® is designed for the cleaning professional who demands competitively priced vacuum bags and/or filters without sacrificing performance. Janitized® products are designed to meet or exceed OEM standards.

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APC IVF15525 Pieces per Case25/CS$367.50Add To Cart 
APC JAN-CXBP-210 Filters per Case10/10'S$138.50Add To Cart 
APC JAN-CXLT-210 Filters per Case10/10'S$136.74Add To Cart 
APC JAN-KACV30-210 Filters per Case10/10'S$160.50Add To Cart 
APC JAN-NFBACK-210 Filters per Case10/10'S$160.50Add To Cart 
APC JAN-NFCPTW16-210 Filters per Case10/10'S$174.00Add To Cart 
APC JAN-NFCPTW-210 Filters per Case10/10'S$130.50Add To Cart 
APC JAN-NSSM14-210 Filters per Case10/10'S$128.20Add To Cart 
APC JAN-PTMV-210 Filters per Case10/10'S$137.90Add To Cart 
APC JAN-WISEN-310 Filters per Case10/10'S$166.20Add To Cart 
APC JAN-WIVER-310 Filters per Case10/10'S$124.50Add To Cart 
RCP 9VBPEF061 Filter per Pack1/CTN$17.98Add To Cart 
RCP 9VMHEF121 Filter per Pack10/CTN$15.20Add To Cart 
RCP 9VMHHP1 Filter per Kit6/CTN$113.15Add To Cart 
RCP 9VMHMF1210 Filters per Pack10/CTN$39.07Add To Cart 
RCP 9VPHEF122 Filter per Pack10/CTN$18.24Add To Cart 
RCP 9VWDFF1250 Filters per Case50/CS$480.00Add To Cart 
RCP 9VWDPF122 Filters per Pack5/2'S$62.31Add To Cart 

Sanitaire® Commercial Three-Speed Air Mover with Built-On Dolly

Dries carpet and floors quickly. Powerful 1/2 HP motor makes this dryer perfect for carpet drying and restoration projects. Space-saving, stackable design. Easy to transport, no lifting—extend the dolly handle and go. Easy-carry molded handle, 3-position kickstand, two 5" hard-rubber wheels and thermal shut-off. Made of durable high-density polyethylene with reinforced motor lugs. 20-ft. power cord. Manufacturer’s three-year parts replacement/one-year service labor warranty for commercial use. ETL Listedfor commercial use. Shpg. wt. 42 lbs.

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EUR 6052N/AEA$418.88Add To Cart