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Neoprene Flock-Lined Gloves

Ideal for strong chemical handling. Resistant to chlorinated solvents, inorganic acids, petroleum products, paint and varnish remover. Long sleeve 15" glove ensures forearm protection; embossed grip. Black. 30-33 mils thick.

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Nitrile Flock-Lined Gloves

Superior chemical and abrasion resistance. For car repair, harsh cleaners and solvents, and meat processing. FDA Compliant. Green. 13" length, embossed grip. 15-18 mils thick.

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GLX 183XLX-Large Size12/DZ$39.03Add To Cart 

Orange Flock-Lined Gloves

For janitorial services, dishwashing and strong chemical handling. Chemical-resistant to harsh detergents, acids, solvents, alcohols and alkalies. FDA Compliant. 12" length with embossed nonslip grip. 28-30 mils thick.

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GLX 244LLarge Size12/DZ$38.13Add To Cart 
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Sol-Vex® Nitrile Flock-Lined Gloves

For chemical processing, oil refining, food processing and more. High-performance nitrile compound provides strength and chemical resistance. Embossed surface texture improves grip. Gloves won't swell, weaken or degrade—even when exposed to aromatic and petroleum solvents, as well as caustics and animal fats. FDA Compliant. 18" length. Green. 22 mils thick.

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ANS 37185LLarge Size12PR/CSCall For Pricing 
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ANS 37185SSmall Size12PR/CSCall For Pricing 

Yellow Flock-Lined Gloves

For general cleaning and mild chemical handling. Chemical-resistant to mild detergents, acids, solvents, alkalies and germicides. 12" length with embossed nonslip grip. 18-20 mils thick.

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GLX 242XLX-Large Size12/DZ$15.57Add To Cart