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Carpet Magnet

Use to pick up metal objects before they get swept up into the vacuum and cause harm. Black.

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UNS CM1212" WideEA$10.43Add To Cart 
UNS CM1616" WideEA$15.96Add To Cart 

Clean Air Purge® III All-Weather Metered Macro Fly Manager Dispenser

• The most economically effective metered pyrethrin insecticide • Dispenses automatically to kill and repel flies, mosquitoes, gnats, small moths and other flying insects • EPA Registered for use in metered dispensers only; NSF/USDA Classification F1 • VOC Compliant in all states More than two times the size the standard Purge® III. Specifically designed for use in large, outdoor and sheltered applications such as arenas, barns, warehouses and more. Operates on four D batteries (not included).

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TMS 32-1361XXB5-1/2w x 4d x 13h6/CS$75.34Add To Cart 

Contemporary Wall Dispenser

Fashionable and convenient way to dispense GymWipes® or Care Wipes®. Helps bring notice to the location of your wipes without interrupting the theme of your immediate environment.

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TXL L80N/AEA$71.32Add To Cart 

Disposable Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Disposable Vacuum Cleaner Bags, For Use with SC9050 VAC (sold separately) 10/CASE.

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EUR 52320-63 Bags per Pack6/3'S$23.66Add To Cart 
EUR 60295-63 Bags per Pack6/3'S$29.80Add To Cart 
EUR 61125-123 Bags per Pack12/3'S$67.47Add To Cart 
EUR 61820-63 Bags per Pack6/3'S$57.60Add To Cart 
EUR 62370-1010 Bags per Pack10/CS$142.52Add To Cart 
EUR 63213-105 Bags per Pack10/CS$185.05Add To Cart 
EUR 63262-105 Bags per Pack10/CS$91.00Add To Cart 
EUR 63881-105 Bags per Pack10CS$181.72Add To Cart 
RCP 9VBPBA061 Bag per Pack1/CTN$37.83Add To Cart 
RCP 9VBPHP066 Bags per Pack6/CS$87.44Add To Cart 
RCP 9VBPPB0610 Bags per Pack10/10'S$44.03Add To Cart 
RCP 9VCVBA128 Bag per Pack1/CTN$71.30Add To Cart 
RCP 9VCVPB1210 Bag per Pack10/CS$37.83Add To Cart 
RCP 9VMHBA1210 Bags per Pack10/10'S$38.43Add To Cart 
RCP 9VULBC121 Bag per Pack4/CTN$93.00Add To Cart 
RCP 9VULPB1210 Bags per Pack10/10'S$33.17Add To Cart 

ECLIPSE™ Fire-Safe Steel Receptacles

Modern rounded design. Durable, heavy-gauge steel construction. Curved top deters accumulation of debris around 9-1/2 x 11-1/2 drop-in disposal opening. Includes leakproof rigid plastic liner. Minimum 30% recycled steel, 100% recyclable. ADA Compliant. 30-gal. capacity. 20 dia. x 25.5h. Shpg. wt. 50 lbs.

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UNI R2030EPLBKBlack Powder CoatedEA$770.04Add To Cart 
UNI R2030SSPLSatin Stainless SteelEA$1,354.08Add To Cart 

Flow™ Flat Mop Finishing System

Backpack finish system makes floor cleaning quick and easy. Ergonomic backpack holds 1.5 gallons of solution—allows user to finish a 3,000 sq. ft. area with a single fill. Backpack features 3" opening for easy refilling. Venting channels and chest and waist straps on backpack provide comfort. Clean Connect™ hose easily connects backpack to trigger handle. Large, easy-to-use trigger dispenses finishing solution right where you need it. No-slip tip on mop handle prevents sliding down walls. Flow™ nylon mophead easily connects to the handle with Quick-Connect. Includes backpack, 58" trigger handle, 18" Quick-Connect frame and nylon flat mop. Shpg. wt. 8.2 lbs.

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RCP Q979N/A1/CS$500.77Add To Cart 

Flow™ Nylon String Mop Head

For use with Flow™ String Mop Finishing System RCP Q989 (sold separately). Shpg. wt. 5 lbs. Six mops per case.

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RCP Q805N/A6/CS$185.26Add To Cart 

Flow™ Replacement Bladder for Finishing Systems

Replacement bladder fits backpack in Flow™ Finishing System RCP Q979 and RCP Q989 (sold separately). Shpg. wt. 2.4 lbs.

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RCP Q977N/A2/CS$37.20Add To Cart 

Individual Recycle Label, Paper Only

Easily label containers for specific recyclables. White letters. 1h x 8w label.

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UNI RSW5N/AEA$7.80Add To Cart 

Low-Density Repro Can Liners, Black

Flat bottom construction holds up to 30% more than star bottom bags. Meets government Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines for recycled liners—100% recycled plastics, 10% post-consumer. Individually folded bags dispense one-at-a-time for ease of use and portion control. Contains no heavy-metal additives. Multipurpose can liners recommended for sharper objects and tougher transport conditions. Greater tear resistance compared to HD liners. Offers good puncture resistance and load capacity. Environmentally conscious.

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JAG R3339H150 Bags per Case150/CSCall For Pricing 
JAG R3339HH150 Bags per Case150/CSCall For Pricing 
JAG R3858H100 Bags per Case100/CSCall For Pricing 
JAG R3858HH100 Bags per Case100/CSCall For Pricing 
JAG R4046H100 Bags per Case100/CSCall For Pricing 
JAG R4046HH100 Bags per Case100/CSCall For Pricing 
JAG R4347H100 Bags per Case100/CSCall For Pricing 
JAG R4347HH100 Bags per Case100/CSCall For Pricing 

LYSOL® Brand Dual Action™ Disinfecting Wipes, Citrus Scent

Dual-textured wipe—raised fibers on one side for scrubbing tough messes, wiping side cleans them away. Strong wipes kill 99.9% of germs. Disinfects and deodorizes. Convenient, premoistened, disposable towelette wipes in pop-up container. EPA Registered.

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REC 8114328 Wipes per Container12/28 CT$60.00Add To Cart 

LYSOL® Brand I.C.™ Disinfectant Wipes

Hospital-strength formula cleans, disinfects and deodorizes on hard, nonporous surfaces. Disposable, single-use wipes reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Tuberculocidal, virucidal, bactericidal and pseudomonicidal. Effective against HIV-1 (AIDS virus), norovirus and feline calicivirus, as well as staph, salmonella, E. coli and other bacteria. Contains no harsh bleach or alcohol. Meets the decontamination requirements of the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard. 6 x 6.75 wipes.

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REC 80027160 Wipes per Canister6/160 CT$94.12Add To Cart 

NEUTRA AIR® FRESHMATIC® Refill, Lemon Fragrance

Lasts up to 60 days. 6.17-oz. aerosol can. 6 cans per case.

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REC 80881N/A6/6.17OZ$50.12Add To Cart 

Professional LYSOL® Brand Food Surface Sanitizer, Trigger Spray

Unique formula is safe for use on food contact surfaces. Kills 99.999% of bacteria in 60 seconds, preventing bacterial cross-contamination. Contains no fragrances, dyes or bleach; no need to rinse. EPA Registered. NSF D2.

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REC 8002840-oz Bottle9/40 OZ$72.22Add To Cart 

Professional LYSOL® Brand III Disinfectant Spray, Early Morning Breeze™ Scent

Hospital disinfectant is highly effective against TB, MRSA, HIV-1 (AIDS virus), poliovirus Type 1, hepatitis A and norovirus. Tuberculocidal, virucidal, fungicidal, bactericidal. Eliminates odors and prevents the growth of mold and mildew. Contains no CFCs. EPA Registered. NSF D1.

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REC 8083319-oz. Aerosol Can12/12.5 OZ$94.62Add To Cart 

Replacement Filters for Vacuums

Janitized® is designed for the cleaning professional who demands competitively priced vacuum bags and/or filters without sacrificing performance. Janitized® products are designed to meet or exceed OEM standards.

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APC IVF15525 Pieces per Case25/CS$367.50Add To Cart 
APC JAN-CXBP-210 Filters per Case10/10'S$138.50Add To Cart 
APC JAN-CXLT-210 Filters per Case10/10'S$136.74Add To Cart 
APC JAN-KACV30-210 Filters per Case10/10'S$160.50Add To Cart 
APC JAN-NFBACK-210 Filters per Case10/10'S$160.50Add To Cart 
APC JAN-NFCPTW16-210 Filters per Case10/10'S$174.00Add To Cart 
APC JAN-NFCPTW-210 Filters per Case10/10'S$130.50Add To Cart 
APC JAN-NSSM14-210 Filters per Case10/10'S$128.20Add To Cart 
APC JAN-PTMV-210 Filters per Case10/10'S$137.90Add To Cart 
APC JAN-WISEN-310 Filters per Case10/10'S$166.20Add To Cart 
APC JAN-WIVER-310 Filters per Case10/10'S$124.50Add To Cart 
RCP 9VBPEF061 Filter per Pack1/CTN$17.98Add To Cart 
RCP 9VMHEF121 Filter per Pack10/CTN$15.20Add To Cart 
RCP 9VMHHP1 Filter per Kit6/CTN$113.15Add To Cart 
RCP 9VMHMF1210 Filters per Pack10/CTN$39.07Add To Cart 
RCP 9VPHEF122 Filter per Pack10/CTN$18.24Add To Cart 
RCP 9VWDFF1250 Filters per Case50/CS$480.00Add To Cart 
RCP 9VWDPF122 Filters per Pack5/2'S$62.31Add To Cart 

Replacement Washable HEPA Filters

Replacement Washable HEPA Filters, For Use in Sanitaire Vacuums, EUR 5713 and EUR 5845 (both sold separately).

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EUR 61840-44 Filters per Pack4/CS$196.77Add To Cart 
EUR 68910-44 Filters per Pack4/CS$224.00Add To Cart 

Safe Ice Ice Bin Hook Adapter

A suite of innovative, end-to-end integrated ice management tools designed to increase operational efficiencies while reducing food safety concerns. Reduces the risk of cross contamination and improves employee safety. For use with Ice Tote (RCP 9F53, sold separately). Allows Ice Tote to attach to nearly any standard or high-capacity ice machine. Reduces risk of cross-contamination since bottom of Ice Tote does not touch floor. 9.89l x 11.79w x 1.67h. Shpg. wt. 2.88 lbs. 6 adapters per case.

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RCP 9F56Blue6/CS$33.48Add To Cart 

SCRUBS® Green Cleaning Wipes

Premoistened cleaning wipes are an effective way to clean water-safe surfaces while remaining environmentally responsible. Nontoxic formula is biodegradable and phosphate-free. Contains no dyes or hazardous ingredients. Soft, nonscratching material is flushable and water dispersible. Container is 100% recyclable. Environmentally conscious.

No.TypeQty./UnitList Price 
DYM 9182890 Wipes per Bucket6/90CT$85.98Add To Cart 

SCRUBS® Hand Cleaner Towels

Patented, citrus-based formula is combined with a tough, textured blue towel to loosen, dissolve and absorb dirt and grease, leaving your hands truly clean. Offers the effectiveness of pumice soap in a one-step, premoistened towel for use anywhere. Citrus fragrance. 10-1/2 x 12-1/4 wipes.

No.TypeQty./UnitList Price 
DYM 4223030-Count Canister6/30CT$57.26Add To Cart 
DYM 4227272-Count Bucket6/72CT$121.16Add To Cart 
DYM 9091010-Count Packet24/10CT$93.12Add To Cart 

SCRUBS® Stainless Steel Cleaner

Convenient, premoistened towel combines stainless steel cleaner and polish in an abrasive, yet non-scratching wipe. Cleans and polishes to brighten and protect. Prevents water marks and corrosion while preserving high luster. Safely removes spot marks, fingerprints, grease, film and heavy soils. For use on stainless steel and chrome surfaces, ceramic, brass, aluminum, porcelain, copper and Formica®. NSF registered. 10.5 x 9.75 towel. Pop-up container.

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DYM 9197070 Wipes per Container6/70CT$127.94Add To Cart 

Silhouette Square Open Top Receptacles

Fire-safe steel construction. Piano hinge top facilitates easy emptying. Folding retainer bands neatly secure poly bags. Includes leakproof rigid plastic liner. Stainless steel leg levelers provide stability on uneven surfaces. Powder coated finish for maximum durability. ADA Compliant. Minimum 30% recycled steel, 100% recyclable.

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UNI SC14EPLSMSilver MetallicEA$674.80Add To Cart 
UNI SC18EPLSMSilver MetallicEA$874.68Add To Cart 

Stainless Steel Stand with No Door

Includes waste receptacle. Fashionable and convenient way to dispense GymWipes® or Care Wipes®. Helps bring notice to the location of your wipes without interrupting the theme of your immediate environment.

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TXL L65N/AEA$692.20Add To Cart 

Windex® Glass & Surface Wipes

For quick and easy cleaning of glass and other hard surfaces. Leaves a streak-free shine. Premoistened.

MSDS Sheet
No.TypeQty./UnitList Price 
DRK CB70110628 Wipes per Canister9/28 CT$63.50Add To Cart 

WYPALL* L10 SANI-PREP* Dairy Towels in POP-UP* Box

Singlefold towels provide a clean, fresh wiper every time. Ideal application for farm/agricultural environments. White. 9 x 10-1/2 sheets. 110 towels per box; 18 boxes per case.

No.TypeQty./UnitList Price 
KCC 01772N/A18/110'S$80.73Add To Cart