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Plastic Bowls

Aristocrat Plastic Dinnerware

Ideal for applications where extra strength is required. Stylish, contemporary finish. White. 125 pieces per pack.

No.TypeQty./UnitList Price 
GNP 70600N/A8/125'SCall For Pricing 
GNP 70900N/A4/125'SCall For Pricing 
GNP 71000N/A4/125'SCall For Pricing 
GNP 71300N/A4/125'SCall For Pricing 
GNP 72100N/A8/125'SCall For Pricing 

Hi-Impact Plastic Dinnerware

Nonabsorbent, leak- and soak-proof. White. 125 pieces per pack.

No.TypeQty./UnitList Price 
BWK 10PPLN/A4/125'SCall For Pricing 
BWK 10PPL3CN/A4/125'SCall For Pricing 
BWK 12PBON/A8/125'SCall For Pricing 
BWK 6PPLN/A8/125'SCall For Pricing 
BWK 9PPLN/A4/125'SCall For Pricing 

Impact Plastic Dinnerware

Designed to be the most rigid available. Nonabsorbent, cut resistant surface. “Crystal cap” finish produces a china-like effect, while increasing the strength of the product. White with decorative rim. 125 pieces per pack.

No.TypeQty./UnitList Price 
DCC 10CPWFN/A500/CSCall For Pricing 
DCC 10PWFN/A4/125'SCall For Pricing 
DCC 12BWWFN/A8/125'SCall For Pricing 
DCC 5BWWFN/A8/125'SCall For Pricing 
DCC 6PWFN/A8/125'SCall For Pricing 
DCC 9CPWFN/A500/CSCall For Pricing 
DCC 9PWFN/A4/125'SCall For Pricing