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Hinged Lid Foam - Multi-Compartment

Foam Hinged Lid Carryout Containers

Secure closure. High-insulation keeps food hot/cold for transporting and storing. White.

No.TypeQty./UnitList Price 
DCC 205HT1N/A2/100'SCall For Pricing 
DCC 50HT1N/A500/CSCall For Pricing 
DCC 60HT1N/A4/125'SCall For Pricing 
DCC 72HT1N/A500/CSCall For Pricing 
DCC 80HT3N/A200/CSCall For Pricing 
DCC 85HT1N/A2/100'SCall For Pricing 
DCC 85HT3N/A2/100'SCall For Pricing 
DCC 95HT1N/A2/100'SCall For Pricing 
DCC 95HT3N/A2/100'SCall For Pricing 

Foam Hinged Lid Carryout White Containers

Keeps food fresh and temperature controlled. Includes handy compartments for proper food storage and separation. 100 containers per bag; 2 bags per case (200 containers).

No.TypeQty./UnitList Price 
GNP 20010N/A2/100'SCall For Pricing 
GNP 20310N/A2/100'SCall For Pricing 
GNP 25300N/A200/CSCall For Pricing 
GNP SN200N/A200/CSCall For Pricing 
GNP SN203N/A200/CSCall For Pricing 
GNP SN220N/A200/CSCall For Pricing 
GNP SN240N/A200/CSCall For Pricing 
GNP SN243N/A2/100'SCall For Pricing