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Brute Containers & Lids

44-Gallon Brute® Utility Container with Venting Channels

Integrated, patent-pending venting channels dramatically reduce the force required to remove a filled can liner. Improved ProTouch™ handles provide a fully rounded, comfortable grip. Can liner cinches allow easy, one-step bag retention. Double-ribbed base and reinforced rim for increased strength and stability. Lid sold separately. Container size: 24 dia. x 31-1/2h. Shpg. wt. 49.5 lbs.

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RCP 2643-60 BLABlack4/CTN$85.29Add To Cart 
RCP 2643-60 BLUBlue4/CTN$85.29Add To Cart 
RCP 2643-60 GRAGray4/CTN$85.29Add To Cart 
RCP 2643-60 YELYellow4/CTN$85.29Add To Cart 

50-Gallon Brute® Rollout Containers

For convenient waste collection from one location to the next. Heavy-duty, nonmarring 8" rubber wheels. Molded-in handles and lift bar allow easy tilt and mobility. Wide base with molded-in wear tread offers increased stability and wear-resistance. Domed, hinged lid promotes liquid run-off. Meets ANSI standards for use with automated lifting equipment. 23.4w x 29.2d x 37.1h. Shpg. wt. 27.3 lbs. (Cannot ship UPS.)

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RCP 9W27 GRAGray1/CTN$185.58Add To Cart 
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Brute® Dome Tops

Converts 32-, 44- and 55-gallon containers (sold separately) into rugged outdoor receptacles. Upscale, textured finish. CSFM Approved for fire safety when used as a container/lid combo.

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RCP 2637-88 GRAGray1/CTN$130.73Add To Cart 
RCP 2647-88 GRAGray1/CTN$136.18Add To Cart 
RCP 2657-88 GRAGray1/CTN$174.04Add To Cart 

Brute® Plastic Round Bucket

Molded-in graduations for accurate measuring. Wide pour spout.

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RCP 2614 GRAGray6/CTN$22.85Add To Cart 
RCP 2614 REDRed6/CTN$22.85Add To Cart 
RCP 2963 GRAGray12/CTN$14.88Add To Cart 
RCP 2963 REDRed12/CTN$14.88Add To Cart 

Brute® Rollout Containers

Durable, ergonomic one-piece design with hinged lid. Slip-resistant handle, foot-tilting detail and balanced lifting points for safety. Ground-hugging base for extra stability. Inset 10" rubber tread wheels prevent doorway damage. Meets ANSI Standards for use with automated lifting equipment.

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RCP 9W21 GRAGray1/CTN$317.53Add To Cart 
RCP 9W22 GRAGray1/CTN$361.37Add To Cart 

Brute® Round Containers and Lids

Seamless, polyethylene construction won’t dent, rust or leak. Reinforced rim and base.

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RCP 2609 GRAGray6/CTN$11.16Add To Cart 
RCP 2609 WHIWhite6/CTN$11.16Add To Cart 
RCP 2610 GRAGray6/CTN$27.37Add To Cart 
RCP 2610 WHIWhite6/CTN$27.37Add To Cart 
RCP 2619-60 GRAGray6/CTN$12.88Add To Cart 
RCP 2619-60 WHIWhite6/CTN$12.88Add To Cart 
RCP 2620 GRAGray6/CTN$42.78Add To Cart 
RCP 2620 WHIWhite6/CTN$42.78Add To Cart 
RCP 2631 GRAGray6/CTN$17.80Add To Cart 
RCP 2631 REDRed6/CTN$17.80Add To Cart 
RCP 2631 WHIWhite6/CTN$17.80Add To Cart 
RCP 2631 YELYellow6/CTN$17.80Add To Cart 
RCP 2632 BLUBlue6/CTN$53.91Add To Cart 
RCP 2632 GRAGray6/CTN$53.92Add To Cart 
RCP 2632 REDRed6/CTN$53.91Add To Cart 
RCP 2632 WHIWhite6/CTN$53.91Add To Cart 
RCP 2632 YELYellow6/CTN$53.91Add To Cart 
RCP 2643 BLUBlue4/CTN$83.36Add To Cart 
RCP 2643 GRAGray4/CTN$83.36Add To Cart 
RCP 2643 REDRed4/CTN$83.36Add To Cart 
RCP 2643 WHIWhite4/CTN$83.36Add To Cart 
RCP 2643 YELYellow4/CTN$83.36Add To Cart 
RCP 2654 GRAGray3/CTN$43.58Add To Cart 
RCP 2655 GRAGray3/CTN$123.58Add To Cart 

Brute® Self-Draining Lid

Run-off channels disperse liquids to prevent pooling. Fits all 44-gallon Brute® containers (sold separately). CSFM Approved for fire safety when used as a container/lid combo. 24-1/2 dia. x 1-1/2h.

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RCP 2645-60 BLABlack4/CTN$29.23Add To Cart 

Brute® Square Container & Lid

Square shape offers up to 14% more capacity than round containers. Durable plastic will not leak; withstands repeated commercial cleanings.

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RCP 3536 GRAGray4/CTN$89.01Add To Cart 
RCP 3539 GRAGray4/CTN$32.55Add To Cart 

Funnel Top

Guides refuse into container, away from view. Fits 32-gallon RCP 2632 container (sold separately). 22-3/8 dia. x 5h.

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RCP 3543 GRALight Gray4/CTN$60.85Add To Cart 

Lid for Brute® Round Recycling Container

(Not shown.) Strong, snap-on lid fits securely. For use with RCP 2632-73 BLU. 22-1/4 dia. x 1-5/8h.

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RCP 2631 BLUBlue6/CS$17.80Add To Cart 

Mega Brute® Lid

(Shown with Mega Brute® Waste Collector, RCP 9W73 BLA). Fully covers waste and supplies. Center hinge allows access to either end of Mega Brute® container (RCP 9W73, sold separately). 30w x 49-1/2d x 10-1/2h. Shpg. wt. 12.38 lbs.

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RCP 9W72Black1/CTN$307.68Add To Cart 

Mega Brute® Mobile Waste Collector

Maneuverable, versatile, high-capacity waste collection and sortation system. Up to 120 gallons or 400 lbs. capacity. Ergonomic rear doors allow easy waste removal to reduce worker strain. Integrated storage area holds can liners and cleaning supplies. Large 12" wheels and locking 5" nonmarking swivel casters are mounted in “diamond” pattern for 360° rotation. Can liner retainer secures a 55-gallon liner and flips up for access to waste storage area. Holds an optional 23-gallon Slim Jim® container (RCP 3540, sold separately) for improved waste sortation and recycling. Lid sold separately. 27-1/2w x 52-1/2d x 42-1/2h. Shpg. wt. 74 lbs.

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RCP 9W73 BLABlack1/CTN$823.71Add To Cart 

Untouchable® 22-Gallon Round Container

Handsfree waste disposal. Crack-resistant plastic withstands indoor/outdoor use. 15-3/4 dia. x 30-1/8h. Fits lids RCP 2672 and RCP 3548, sold separately. Shpg. wt. 7 lbs.

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RCP 3546 BEIBeige4/CTN$76.89Add To Cart 
RCP 3546 GRAGray4/CTN$76.89Add To Cart 

Untouchable® Round Funnel Top

Handsfree waste disposal. Crack-resistant plastic withstands indoor/outdoor use. Fits RCP 3546 and RCP 2947 containers, sold separately. 16-1/4" dia. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.

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RCP 3548 GRAGray4/CTN$39.78Add To Cart