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Tilt Trucks

Bulk Recycling Tilt Truck

Easy-to-maneuver equipment can also serve as central collection containers or shipping containers to reduce handling. Contains recycled plastic. Meets EPA comprehensive guidelines. Standard duty. 1/2 cubic yard, 850-lb. capacity. 28w x 60-1/2d x 38-5/8h. Shpg. wt. 77 lbs. (Cannot ship UPS.) Environmentally conscious.

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RCP 1305-73 BLUBlue1/CTN$1,307.72Add To Cart 

Forkliftable Tilt Truck

Industrial-strength, rotational molded construction transports heavy loads with ease. Heavy-duty welded fork pockets allow for easy transportation by forklift. Compatible with 42" or 48" long forks. Easy to maneuver and dump contents; constant force design allows for controlled dumping by one person. Smooth surface is easy to clean and resists pitting and corroding. 1,250-lb. x 1 cubic yard capacity. (Optional lid sold separately.) 72-1/4l x 33-1/2w x 43-3/4h. Shpg. wt. 124 lbs. (Cannot ship UPS.)

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RCP 1315-42 BLABlack1/CTN$1,957.29Add To Cart 

Structural Foam Tilt Truck

For general refuse collection and light to medium materials handling. Fits through standard commercial doorways and onto elevators easily. Inset, mark-resistant casters roll smoothly over thresholds and rough surfaces. USDA MEAT and poultry equipment compliant. 3/4 cubic yard, 64-1/2l x 30-1/4w x 38h. (Cannot ship UPS.)

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RCP 1011 BLABlack1/CTN$1,028.31Add To Cart 
RCP 1013 BLABlack1/CTN$1,209.00Add To Cart 

Tilt Truck and Lid

Specially made to handle bulky, medium- to heavyweight materials. Sturdy, plastic construction. Easy to maneuver and dump contents. Wheels and axle are inset to prevent damage to interior surfaces and equipment. (Cannot ship UPS.)

No.TypeQty./UnitList Price 
RCP 1035 BLABlack1/CTN$3,865.94Add To Cart 
RCP 1304 BLABlack1/CTN$830.56Add To Cart 
RCP 1305 BLABlack1/CTN$1,214.31Add To Cart 
RCP 1306 BLABlack1/CTN$1,416.26Add To Cart 
RCP 1307 BLABlack1/CTN$247.52Add To Cart 
RCP 1314 BLABlack1/CTN$1,123.10Add To Cart 
RCP 1315 BLABlack1/CTN$1,535.74Add To Cart 
RCP 1316 BLABlack1/CTN$1,801.54Add To Cart 
RCP 1317 BLABlack1/CTN$337.66Add To Cart 

Tilt Trucks

Sturdy, plastic construction. Smooth and seamless, one-piece molded truck bodies with reinforced lip are rounded and easy to clean. 4" center swivel back caster provides easy maneuvering. Durable, one-piece, 10" blow-molded polypropylene wheels offer low maintenance and protect surroundings. Powder coated steel frame for corrosion resistance. (Cannot ship UPS.)

No.TypeQty./UnitList Price 
RCP 9T17 BLABlack3/CTN$660.54Add To Cart 
RCP 9T18 BLABlack3/CTN$902.66Add To Cart