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Safety Signs

Folding Floor Signs

Bright yellow plastic wet floor warning signs can be read from 30 ft. away. Two-sided 25" signs are ideal for doorways and narrow spaces. Fold flat for storage or transport on carts. Carrying handle. Open, 25" high; closed, 11w x 1-1/2d x 26-1/2h.

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RCP 6112 YELN/A6/CTN$20.46Add To Cart 
RCP 6112-77 YELN/A6/CTN$19.51Add To Cart 
RCP 6112-78 YELN/A6/CTN$22.03Add To Cart 

Optional Biohazard Identification Decals for Waste Containers

Ensures proper waste disposal. Text in English. 6w x 5-3/4h.

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UNI BP-1Fluorescent Red/BlackEA$8.92Add To Cart 

Optional Biohazard Identification Decals for Waste Containers, Bi-Lingual

Ensures proper waste disposal. Text in English and Spanish. 7w x 10h.

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UNI CL-1White/BlackEA$7.08Add To Cart 

Over-the-Spill™ Pad

Bright yellow slip-resistant, tear-off pads cover and absorb spills and alert pedestrians. Each pad absorbs up to 12 oz. (0.3 kg) of fluid. Imprinted with “Caution Wet Floor” in English and Spanish. Plastic pad has slot for hanging; also mounts to RCP 6112 Series Folding Floor Signs (sold separately). 16-1/2 x 14. 25 sheets per pad.

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RCP 4254 YELN/A12PD/CTN$31.89Add To Cart 

Pop-Up Safety Cone

Bright yellow safety cone is 21 sq. x 30h, features three-sided multilingual (English/Spanish/French) “Caution” imprint and wet floor symbol. Top of cone offers label space for location assignment. Cone folds compactly for storage in tube, automatically opens for use. ANSI Compliant.

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RCP 9S01 YELN/A12/CTN$67.82Add To Cart 

Safety Cones

Bright yellow, four-sided cones have versatile tops that accommodate a barricade belt, flashing light, lock-in sign holder or audio warning device (accessories not included). Imprinted “Caution Wet Floor” in English and Spanish. Stackable; recessed top surface for handling ease.

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RCP 6276-77 YELN/A5/CTN$62.18Add To Cart 
RCP 6277-77 YELN/A6/CTN$48.07Add To Cart 

Wet Floor Cone

Bright orange with black “Wet Floor” warning on two sides. Durable, one-piece molded plastic with 10-3/4" square weighted base. 18" high.

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IMP 9100N/AEA$28.44Add To Cart